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Its villages in the middle of the desert will surprise you with active geisers,
altiplanic lagoons and mysterious valleys.
The destinations that you can choose are San Pedro de Atacama y
Río Hurtado in the IV Region of Coquimbo.
Among the attractions that you can enjoy are:

Atacama Desert
Dry landscape
Colorful rocks
Trails of old mining caravans.
High mountains
Signs of first inhabitants
Clean, deep and starry skies


A unique interaction between the Pacific coast and the transverse valleys,
crowned by the Andes Mountain Range and the most transparent skies
of the world, the origin of the largest astronomical tourism network in the
southern hemisphere.
You can choose between our destinations Cajón del Maipo and the mountain range of Ñuble,
with attractions such as:

The Andes in Santiago
The Andes in Cajón del Maipo
The Andes in Ñuble
Muleteers and ranch experiences
Vineyards between the mountain ranges

Central region map Chile
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Its nature is protected in Parks and
National reserves accessible through an important
trail network. Its geography modeled by volcanoes,
has created ideal scenarios for adventure tourism.
You can choose between our destinations Chiloé o Puerto Varas with
wonderful attractions such as:

Island of Chiloé
Native forests, mountains and volcanoes


It is the richest region in freshwater in Chile, and one of the purest
of the planet, being the third largest extension of ice
of the world. You can choose between visiting the National Park
Torres del Paine in Puerto Natales or the region of Aysen. In these destinations
You can marvel with attractions like:

Abundant pure water
Glaciers / Ice Fields
Austral road
Mountain range with native forests
Indigenous vestiges
Great National Parks
Life Reserve

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